Odessa Hills Campground

Beach-Front Entry Pool

During the summer of 2013, we were able to install a new, larger, beach-front entry pool with more space for small children and families. The deepest point is only 5 feet deep, making the whole pool much more accessible for groups to spread out.

The pool also features 2 water slides!

Thank you to everyone who donated either time or money to this project! We are now paid in full and able to enjoy our new pool.

Central Missouri Restoration Branches


The most recent project completed at the campgrounds involved putting in a new drain pipe to redirect rainwater coming from the creek that feeds into the lower lake. During the summer of 2015, the massive amounts of rain caused a drain pipe and lots of dirt to wash out near the bridge by the dining hall, leaving a large chasm (commonly known as our "Grand Canyon"). Along with other improvements to parking around the dining hall, we have been able to fill in the Grand Canyon, put in a new, 120-foot-long/6-foot-wide drain pipe, and correct our flooding issue for the upcoming year of events.

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