Theme: The Straight and Narrow Path

~ II Nephi 15:10 ~

All who are planning to attend classes and/or meals during the day at Reunion (even if not staying overnight) MUST register and provide contact information for planning purposes, as well as insurance requirements. If you're ONLY coming in for a few evening services - not meals or classes during the day - you do not need to register.

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The registration fee is $25 per person. Children under 5 are free.

Please note: Donations beyond this amount are needed to cover the actual costs of the reunion. The estimated cost per person is $150.

Since this is a family reunion, we encourage participants to attend as families. An adult  

must stay in each cabin where children will be staying. Adults must be willing to ensure that campers under their care are supervised at all times and taking part in all scheduled activities.

Number of Attendees
2 person(s) $50.00 USD 4 person(s) $100.00 USD 6 person(s) $150.00 USD 8 person(s) $200.00 USD
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Reunion 2020

No pets or bicycles will be allowed on the grounds at any time.

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If you experience any technical difficulty in registration or payments, please use the Contact Us form or e-mail us at


Mike Lidberg


Jeremy Lidberg


Schedule 2020

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July 25th - August 1st

5pm Sat - 1pm Sat


Bob and Sheila Schrunk



Reunion Sermons
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Odessa Hills Campground

Central Missouri Restoration Branches

Themes and Speakers:

Sat. P.M.   Elder Mike Lidberg: Prepare ye the way of the Lord - Mark 1:2, I Nephi 3:8

Sun. A.M.   Seventy Richard Neil: The keeper of the gate is the Holy One of Israel - II Nephi 6:81, Matt 7:22-23


Sun. P.M.     Elder Karl Anderson: God counsels in wisdom - Alma 17:42, D&C 2:1c

Mon. P.M.    Elder Andrew King: Give heed to the word of Christ  - Alma 17:79, I Nephi 2:62-63, II Nephi 13:30 & 14:4

Tue. P.M.     Elder Michael Brown: For the gate by which ye should enter is repentance and baptism by water and the Spirit - II Nephi 13:10-24, D&C 32: 2f-g, Acts 20:21

Wed. P.M.     Elder Jack Hagensen: And then are ye in this strait and narrow path which leads to eternal life - II Nephi 13:25, Matt 5:21, John 15:9-14, I John 3:22-24

Thur. P.M.     Elder Steve Kropp: Striving to have the Fruit of the Spirit  - Gal 5:22-23, Jacob 3:17, III Nephi 6:32, Moroni 8:29

Fri. P.M.      ​Elder Mark Bendorf: For I perceive that ye are in the path which leads to the Kingdom of God - Matt 5:22, Heb 6:1-3, I Nephi 2:78, Alma 5:33-39

Sat. A.M.     Commitment Service: Prepare ye the supper of the Lamb, make ready for the Bridegroom - D&C 65:1a-c, Luke 3:4