All who are planning to attend Reunion at any point (even if not staying overnight) MUST register and provide contact information for planning purposes, as well as insurance requirements.


June 9th - 16th

5pm Saturday - 1pm Saturday


Mike and Barbara Vick

(816) 732-5706 home


Themes and Speakers:

Sat. P.M.         "The Call to Gather"

                                     Remarks - Elder Mike Vick

Sun. A.M.      "Seek First the Kingdom of God"

                                   Elder Karl Anderson


Sun. P.M.       "Behold These Thy Brethren"

                                   Elder Aaron Smith

Mon. P.M.     "Embrace the Truth/Covenant"

​                                    Elder Karl Anderson

Tue. P.M.       "Keep All My Commandments"

                                    Elder Aaron Smith

Wed. P.M.      "Look Upward; Rend the Veil"

                                    Elder Karl Anderson

Thur. P.M.       "Make Spiritual Sacrifices"

                                    Elder Aaron Smith

Fri. P.M.            "Thy Kingdom Come"

                                     Elder Aaron Smith

Sat. A.M.           "Thy Will Be Done"

​                                     Commitment Service

Number of Attendees
Family/Group Name

Reunion 2018

No pets will be allowed on the grounds at any time. Registered service animals with current documentation are welcome.

If you experience any technical difficulty in registration or payments, please use the Contact Us form or e-mail us at


Elder Jim Mulheron &

Elder David Kinnaman

Bob Schrunk
(816) 230-5940 home
(660) 542-4291 cell

Pay Online

Theme: "Answer the Call"
​James 1:22


The registration fee is $25 per person. Children under 5 are free.

Please note: Donations beyond this amount are needed to cover the actual costs of the reunion.

Since this is a family reunion, we encourage participants to attend as families. An adult  

must stay in each cabin where children will be staying. Adults must be willing to ensure that campers under their care are supervised at all times and taking part in all scheduled activities.

Central Missouri Restoration Branches

Odessa Hills Campground