Odessa Hills Campground

Each camper will be required to follow the rules set forth by the camping committee. Please review the rules and know what will be expected at our camps and retreats.

If you experience any technical difficulty in registration or payments, please use the Contact Us form or e-mail us at odessahillscampgrounds@gmail.com

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Older Youth Camp

May 27th - June 2nd

3pm Sunday - 12pm Saturday


Senior High Camp

June 17th - 23rd

3pm Sunday - 12pm Saturday

Directors: Jeff and Shelly Morrison

Junior High Camp

June 24th - 30th

3pm Sunday - 12pm Saturday


Junior Camp

June 3rd-7th

3pm Sunday - 5pm Thursday



Older Youth - College age, unmarried

Senior High - 10th grade through previous spring graduates

Junior High - 7th through 9th grade

Junior - 4th through 6th grade

*Grades are based on upcoming school year

Older Youth - $120early /$140 late
Senior High -  $120early /$140 late
Junior High -  $120early /$140 late
Junior - $100 early/$120 late

Anyone who has a desire to draw closer to God is welcome at our events. We strive to do His will in planning these events and we hope you will choose to participate.

Summer Camps 2018

Early Registration will open in March 2018

Central Missouri Restoration Branches

No pets will be allowed on the grounds at any time. Registered service animals with legal documentation are welcome.

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